Global Supply & Demand Reach in Mobile on a single platform

  • Global Access To Quality Ad Inventory both WAP and APP
  • Higher eCPMs & More Transparency
  • Higher Ad Quality & Relevance
  • Find the best ad price in 200 milliseconds

How it works ?

There are 2 important things in ADACTS Publisher Program :

  1. Each site created will have a unique site id. With the site id, ADACTS able to distinguish each site and to deliver the MOST RELEVANT ad to the site.
  2. Client-Side Code Integration
  • We now offer a JavaScript code for running advertisements on most smartphones browser. The JavaScript code is the easiest and most simple way to monetize your mobile web site or mobile app.
  • Each site created will be given install code to be copy and paste into their mobile site. It is very important NOT to alter any install code given. Currently ADACTS support the following programming languages:
    • PHP
    • JSP

For AD Integration Guidelines : kindly refer the link below where we will guide about our ad formats to the publisher. INTEGARTION GUIDELINES